I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

Good Posture Will Help Active Deskworkers With Lower Back Pain. Get Back In The Gym Pain-Free in 30 Days!

Stand-Up! is an interactive book that will help you NATURALLY relieve lower back pain and improve posture without painkillers or gimmicky devices.

So you can get back to training again (yes, really!)


Are lower back pain, brain fog, lack of energy, and being slumped all day getting the best of you?

What if I told you Bad Posture was the #1 Reason why desk workers suffer from these ailments?

When you walk with poise and confidence, you exude a different kind of power.

STAND UP is a micro book filled with MAXIMUM value that’ll help you look better, feel better, and move better. Promise!


Scientific evidence suggests that good posture can help you beat pain, think better, breathe better, and boost your confidence. It can also help overcome symptoms that worsen depression - resulting in peak mental health.

If you’re slouched over your computer, only to roll over and repeat the story with your mobile device, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Good posture can translate into a more successful career. By standing tall, you communicate confidence and competence. While certainly, this helps you feel more self-assured.

It’s no secret that body language is essential to success! Good posture makes you appear more inviting and warm, whereas bad posture may indicate that you are uninterested and closed off.

Good posture makes you look taller, leaner, and more toned. It also makes your abdominal muscles look more defined...Hello, six-pack!

Whether you work from the office or home, good posture will help you be more productive and successful and look younger in the long run!

Are you ready to finally STAND UP and flip the script?

Here's why Stand Up! will help you get where you need to be

  • The SHOCKING truth about posture that your doctors aren't telling you. The answers WILL surprise you. (Page 6)

  • Discover the world's secret to being more confident & looking younger (page 12)

  • Don't make this common mistake when "treating" those stiff, sore muscles. You won't find this on YouTube. (Page 17)

  • A foolproof way to improve on the damage already done by lousy posture and prevent further issues. A win-win situation! (Page 23)

And so much more!


Stand Up is a super interactive digital book you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

It is filled with interactive video demonstrations and visual content that makes putting advice into action an absolute breeze.

No need for expensive, gimmicky equipment or a gym. The Stand-Up Method will transform your posture in the comfort of your own home.

You're 36 pages and less than $10 away from transforming your life.

Now, that's ROI.


This is why I created this book in a digital format so that it can reach more and more people. After all, Good Posture is the literal framework of your body!

Stand up!

  • Is delivered digitally - available for instant download
  • It can be read in 30 minutes or less!
  • Filled with actionable steps you can apply RIGHT NOW!

If you don’t find it helpful, I put my money where my mouth is and offer a 100%

30-day money-back guarantee!


Hey, I'm Mike. As a Coach, Speaker & Author, I have helped 1000s correct their posture and transform their lives.

Very early in my 15-year career, I realized that poor posture was a significant problem. Scratch that; it's an EPIDEMIC.

As the guy whom people turn to when they're feeling burnt out or in pain, with Stand Up, I've been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Life, and Parade.

I'm offering you the opportunity to leverage my unparalleled expertise and experience to stop wasting valuable time and get things right without confusion or Google searches!


Past readers are raving about the book, but don’t just my word for it! Hear what they are saying:

Mike is absolutely fantastic and has helped me move better whilst giving me the tools to work on my own posture! - Gina Synclair

Excellent use of modern technology to improve body alignment and alleviate lower back pain - David Duncan

The assessments and corrective exercises have me feeling like a new person. This has been making a tremendous difference to my recovery processes. - Anna Deinhard

"This book is excellent! After reading it, it took me a while to admit that I was experiencing slumping shoulders. Using the Stand Up! method helped me to identify the problem.

I'm looking forward to trying the STM that the book explains to get some relief. Thanks, Mike!!"- Laine Bodnar, Laine Bodner Communication

"I had chronic lower back pain which I thought was impossible to solve (I saw so many clinics and professionals...), but after reading, Stand Up! The mobility exercises helped to alleviate my pain in a very short amount of time. The corrective exercises improved my office posture. I still do my corrective exercises daily, which are now part of my daily routine. Highly recommended not only to solve the issues but also to prevent them." -Raphael Glemet

"I'd been experiencing neck & shoulder pain for months - Using The Stand Up! Method, I was able to identify what was causing this issue and put a plan into place through a combination of corrective exercises & mobility. My pain went away quickly, and my flexibility is getting better and better. I booked an online session with Mike. And he talked me through everything clearly, which really helped me put together a program to help manage things ongoing to prevent further injury." -Shaun Hutcheson


Is this a print book?

No, it's digital and delivered instantly! You'll be able to download it within 30 seconds.

What happens after I click the Buy Now button. How is the book delivered?

Once you purchase, you will receive a link via the email you used to purchase. Click the link and download, Stand-Up! on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Are there video demonstrations?

Yes, click on the images, and it will take you to interactive video demonstrations on performing exercises.

How many pages is it?

It's just 36 pages and can be read in less than 30 minutes.

Why isn't it longer?

Most books contain hundreds of pages of fluff and stories. We cut right to the chase in Stand Up! book and give you instantly usable advice.

Will this book help me correct and achieve better posture? How?

YES! By employing the proprietary Stand Up! Method, you'll be able to correct the issues caused by years of bad posture (think back pain, compromised breathing, and mental health) and prevent further complications before they happen. It's never too late to get started!

Do I need special software to read it?

No. It's a PDF file you can download to your computer for lifetime access. You can even print it out!

Do I need a gym or gym equipment?

No, this is an at-home posture-correcting program that can be done with little to no equipment necessary.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! You'll receive a full refund if you don't feel it was worth your investment. No questions asked.

Are you ready to…

Upgrade Your Posture...Transform Your Life?

Get your copy of Stand Up today for a no-brainer price of just $9 and experience the difference for yourself!